Photos from Alfred's Side, Page 2

Al, Rose, and Mack

Betty, Rose, and Lois 

Dora and Harry 1936 

Al's friends Division & California included this budding comedian 

Budding Comedian - Jack Leonard later often appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.

Lois on Pony 

Baraz Apartments on Waverly Rd. near Indiana Dunes

Barry & Bob playing ball

Barry & Bob playing in sand

Mary, Irene, Owen & Rose at Bret Harte graduation

Al and others at Markowitz cottages

Irene at Markowitz cottages

Al and Harry Mayer at Markowitz cottages

David and Annie Mayer

In David's apartment - top row - Helen, Annie, Dora, Charles, Judy, Mary

                                Bottom row - Elsie, Victor, David, Irene

Al & Mack - ready for an episode of The Untouchables?

Baby Harry

Us at Johnson's Beach

Kulchiner Verein, 1940, normal size

Kulchiner Verein, 1940, known names list. Many older people were from Kulchin in Ukraine.

Kulchiner Verein, 1940 Very large at over 3 megabytes. For printing

                                   with suitable photo program. Over 5 minutes

                                    to download on dial-up connection.

There is a wonderful history of Kulchin, with recent photos, at .

Also spelled Kul'chiny, Kulchiny and other ways.

Kulchiner Verein #6 from our albums

Kulchiner Verein #7

Kulchiner Verein #10

Kulchiner Verein #12

Kulchiner Verein #13 - If you know anyone not identified above, please let Owen know.

Kulchiner Verein #15 

Kulchiner Verein #16 

Kulchiner Verein #17 

Kulchiner Verein #18 

Lillian and Irene

Lillian and Irene #2


Mack in front of Osteopathic Hospital

Margaret and Morris Mayer

Martha and Sam Markowitz

People at our dining room table

Photo #2 of above

People at Rose's dining room table

Clockwise around table, Lois, [working on next 2 names,] Feiga Mayerovitch, Esther Markowitz,

Frank Mayerovitch, Francie Silverman, Marge and Morris Mayer, Max Markowitz, Rose Miller.*

Sam Markowitz

People at Tremont station, South Shore Line

Dora and Owen

Al, Skipper, and Gary

David's Bar Mitzvah

David and Parents

Myron Minkoff at museum exhibit about the cell, 1960


*Thanks to Ann M. for her help with names and the following comment. "...I'm inclined to agree

with Dan that it is his Aunt Francie [Silverman] sitting next to Marge.  She and Max [Mayer] were

married about 2 January 1942 and Morrie and Marge 3 April 1943 [at] Moreheard City,  Carteret

County, North Carolina and then they had a Jewish marriage service when he came home. ...

She is wearing a corsage and is very young. She was 18 at the time of her marriage in North

Carolina. I think they may have had the other service and were at the house celebrating with

members of the Mayer family.  ..."


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