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Updated  5-8-2016

Four Generations of Rose's Family

Harry Markowitz 1963

Family Group 1 Back Row: Howard, and Gary Gang.

Front Row: Carol's daughter Amy, Howard's daughter Maureen, Charles Minkoff, Harriet and Gen.

Family Group 2 Back Row, Hal (Muni) Mayer, Sol Miller, Gay, Sari, Roberta Minkoff.

Front Row: Rose Miller, Charles and Ruth Minkoff, Carol.

Family Group 3 1958, names in photo.

Susan and Lynn

Dora in Her Store about 1923 Al's mother.

Al's Buddies #6*

Sol, Rose, Harriet, Gen.  Dec.1978

Bruce and Dori early 1960s

Dori and Bruce, 1960, in Jackson Park

Al & Muni in downtown Chicago 1983, pic.1

Al & Muni in downtown Chicago 1983, pic.2

Owen & Muni in downtown Chicago 1983

Muni at Indiana Harbor, 1985    

Harry I. at  Al's 75th birthday, 1979

Harry, Sol, Rose, Leila, Ali at Al's 75th birthday, 1979

Mack, Sandy, Genevieve, Harriet 1983

Mack, Sandy, Genevieve, Owen 1983

Mack's  family 1975

Al Mayer's family 1978

Lois & Jerry at their wedding, Sept. 1954

Irene, Naza, Rose

Leila and Susan  

The Gangs, Jan. 1957 - L-R Unknown, Carol, Pearl, Gary, Rita,

Mary and Oscar Mayer, Louis Gang.

*The numbers on some photos are for my use. Most of this series are not

on this web site.

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