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A neighbor, 53rd & Ellis area  227K Thanks to David Roth (Kozminski Jan. 1953) for sending this photo of him and his sister.

Owen’s Old Building, about to be razed, 53rd & Ellis, June 1962  180K

Ma’s School Store site, 1962  379K

These are predominantly of Alfred Mayer's relatives, or general.

Myron and kids in back yard, Nov. 1954  141K

Kids in back yard, 53rd & Ellis, Nov. 1954  118K

L-R Frank March, Paul Bluestein, cousin Myron Minkoff, Cahill, Kazaki, Mizaki,

Joey, Michael Caradonna. Most as best I recall.

Al, Harry, Irene  102K

Al and Mack  127K

Al in chair  138K

Al at newsstand  68K

Owen age 13  93K

Carol’s Cake  74K

Al relaxing  174K

Owen in Drexel Square  174K

Owen at Drexel Square, 1946  167K

Owen and Harry about 1949  107K

With mom and aunt near Indiana Dunes, 1955  190K

With mom at Johnson’s Beach, 1955  86K

Mom, Lil, and Clara at Gary’s wedding, 1963  140K

Mack, Sandy, Irene, Al, Sol, Rose, 1961  142K

Owen holding up Michael Caradonna (not a relative)

Dora, Rose, Irene, Al, Nov. 1961  196K

With Rose's family in Lincolnwood

Sol, Rose, Harry at their drug store

Owen, Aunt Ruth, Irene, Aunt Rose, 1997  73K

Aunt Pearl and Irene  130K

Dad’s relatives, 1930s  (Very Large)  571K

Caption Page For Above, 3K

Owen, Harry, Mom, Dec. 1943  154K

We Four, 1945  226K


Solomon Mayerovitch, born 1855, father of the 4 below.

With Molly (Malcah) Markovitz Mayerovitch, his wife. She is believed to be related to

Hersh Leib Markowitz (Marchbein). All from Kulchin, Ukraine.


Solomon's (Shlomo's) father's Hebrew name was Ozer. Their last name was Kirshner before

1853. Malcah's father's name was Morris (Moshe) Markovitz. Their last name was Marchbein

for many family members before they emigrated to the U.S.


Four Mayerovitch brothers that came to U.S.

Meyer or Mayer Mayerovitch and wife Charlotte (Charna), Hal's parents

Meyer portrait 303K, Alfred's Uncle

Frank Mayerovitch,      "           "

David Mayerovitch family, "      "  about 1917

Harry Mayerovitch family, (Alfred's father), about 1912. Harry's Hebrew name also was Ozer.

David, Harry, Oscar, Pearl

Gary batting at George Williams field - Kozminski School in background.<

Howard in high chair

Charles, Howard, Ruth 1937

Hal (Muni) and wife Lena

Hal, mother Charna, and wife Lena

Muni and Matilda Kessler Melman

Muni in 1924

Muni and group at our townhouse

Muni with us at Indiana Dunes

Owen, Irene, and Rose

Kids on lawn of Osteopathic Hospital

Kids on lawn #2

Pearl and Louis

Pearl, 1963

Pearl, Oscar, Rose

Mary and Oscar

Oscar, Pearl, Ruth 206Kb

Raquel Meierowich and Son Ricardo,  early 1960s (Raquel M. de Nadel)

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Indiana Photos, 1971

Al & Irene near Markowitz cottages, 211k

Al & Harry Markowitz at his parents' cottages

Al & Harry Markowitz at Indiana Dunes

Al, Harry Markowitz, and Irene at Indiana Dunes

Al, Harry Markowitz, Irene, Clara, and Muni at Muni's house

The unnamed person is Benny Lipschitz, member of Muni's congregation, and friend.

Large version of above 494k

At Muni's house #2

Large version of above 476k

Irene, Maurice, Harry Markowitz, Al at Hammond produce stand

Large version of above 480k

Maurice, Harry Markowitz, Al, Irene #2

Large version of above 507k

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All of the photos below have my late brother Harry in them. (Hebrew name Herschel.)


Harry playing chess for the Army, 1962  194K

Caption Page For Above

Dad & Harry near Osteopathic Hospital  124K

Harry & Family in Gardena, California  172K

Harry practicing batting  46K

Harry graduating from Kozminski, June 1953  65K

Harry and cousin Harry at Drexel Square, 1946  169K

Harry and Uncle Charlie, 1974  80K

Harry on bike with dad  104K

Harry in Exeter, California with Dad, 1973  79K

Our daughter and Harry, March 1974  44K

With Owen and Mom at Drexel Square  91K

With Owen on 53rd St.  62K

Playing with Skipper in snow  99K

Ear bandaged after being hit by swing in park  72K

At Shoreland Hotel for Lois’ wedding, September 1954  63K

Playing chess with Skipper  172K

Harry (Jr.) and company at our apartment 

Harry (Jr.) and his frequent facial expression 


More photos on Alfred pgs. 2, 3, and Irene's Side.

Owen knows the locations of many family graves.