Stereo photos of Meteor Crater, Arizona, July 2005

Please use back button after each picture. Download time on dial-up

 connection is about 15 seconds each, and much less on DSL or cable.

 The viewpoint is from the north edge of the crater.

 A visitor center there has a restaurant, theater, and gift shop.


Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3 -Harriet is in red jacket.

Frame 4 -Outside edge of crater.>

Frame 5 -Visitor center.

Frame 6

Frame 7 -Owen and Harriet

Frame 8

Frame 9 –People at viewpoint.

Frame 10

Frame 11

Frame 12

Frame 13

Frame 14


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Some of the frames show the cuts made by automated photofinishing equipment that is not made for the stereo 35mm format. It was not too much work to stitch them in the photo editor. Retouching is very time consuming, so I left that alone.


For stereo viewing you should print the photo pairs about 3x6 inches. Also see the Copper Harbor page.