Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor Area, Michigan


In July 2001 we visited this northernmost area in mainland Michigan. It’s a very beautiful, mostly unspoiled  area. Brockway Mountain drive runs between these two towns, and highway M-26 connects them along the Lake Superior shore.

The area has very pleasant weather in summer. Snowfall is very heavy in winter, with usually over 200 inches per season.


There are 23 pictures in this group. The largest file is only 60k in size so they should download quickly on any connection. I did reduce the size and quality somewhat. A higher quality version of all are available on a CD if you wish.


Some are in stereo format, which unfortunately is not popular nowadays. It’s too bad, because it really recreates the depth of outdoor vistas. They may be viewed as-is, or in stereo with an antique stereo viewer. The optimum image size for those is about 2 x3 inches, which you can adjust in your printer or on screen in photo software. Internet Explorer 6 allows you two viewing sizes; older versions, one size. The newest versions allow you to adjust the size in many more steps.


It is possible to view them in stereo with the following makeshift method:  Cut a piece of cardboard to about 8 x 14 inches. Place it so the long dimension is perpendicular to the image at the middle bar between the stereo pair. Bring your eyes to the other end of the divider at about 14 inches from the image, using bifocals or reading glasses if necessary. You will probably still see two images. If you can relax your eyes so that they are crossed less, the two images will merge into a single 3-D image. Click Back button after viewing each picture.  Enjoy…  Owen


Brockway Mountain Cliff                                                                      

Harriet on Brockway, stereo (pardon the wind)         Harriet on Brockway, standard

Brockway Mountain stereo                                    Jacob’s Creek Falls

Lake Superior from Brockway Mountain                   Owen on Brockway Mt.

Brockway View, stereo                                         Lake Superior Shore eastward

Brockway Cliff, stereo                                          Lake Superior Shore westward

Copper Harbor, stereo

Copper Harbor

Copper Harbor #2

Owen at Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor #2

Eagle Harbor #3

Eagle Harbor #4

Eagle Harbor #5

Eagle Harbor #6

Eagle Harbor, Fog

Harriet at Eagle Harbor

Lake Superior Fog east of Eagle Harbor