Yosemite National Park, California, April 1977

We only had a day to drive through. The previous winter had been exceptionally dry, so all the roads were snow-free.

Enjoy the scenery. File sizes are around 100kb or 30 seconds on dial-up service. Larger ones are noted. As with other material on our web pages, these photos will be left up a very long time, so take your time and come back.

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Nevada and Vernal Falls                               Half Dome

Side View, Half Dome                                   Harriet and Genevieve

Half Dome and south                                    Half Dome & High Sierras

Looking down at valley (163k)                      Down to visitor center (164k)

Yosemite Falls                                              Wide view Half Dome   

Upper Yosemite Valley                                  Down again to vis.cen. (172k)

Half Dome & to right (150k)                          Yosemite Falls 2

Visitor Center Area (154k)                             Sentinel Rock

El Capitan                                                      Yosemite Valley

Bridalveil falls (212k)                                     Yosemite Valley Wide View

Yosemite Valley Wide Left                              Steller's Jays

Harriet & Genevieve 2                                   On Tioga Road

Tuolumne Meadows                                       Tioga Pass at dusk

Tioga Pass

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