Seattle and Mt. Rainier, July 2009





Row 1: Great Northern steam engine at Havre, Montana; area west of Glacier Park; Cascades.

Rows 2 thru 5: Sunrise Lake and other areas in Mt. Rainier National Park; One photo in Row 2 is stereo.

Mountain with most snow is Mt. Rainier. Black and white photos are by infrared in daylight,

with special filter. Building interior is Paradise Visitor Center.

Flowers are Lupine, Beargrass, and Indian or Alpine Paintbrush. Waterfalls, Myrtle Falls. Mountains in first

picture, Row 5, are Tatoosh Range. Last Picture in row 5 is scene in Packwood, just south of the National Park.

Row 6: Packwood rod show; elk; and Owen's cousin Gregg.

Row 7: Seattle. Waterfall Garden, birthplace of UPS; Smith Tower; Space Needle; and

Pioneer Square. With Owen's cousin Gregg and his son Moses.

Row 8: Seattle; Olympic Sculpture Park of Seattle Art Museum.

Row 9: Moses and Anjali; Crittenden Locks; and us.

What a great area to visit in summer. Great scenery and not much hot weather to roast in.


More Mt. Rainier Photos from our daughter.

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