Jackson Family Reunion 2011 in New Orleans  

Photos were taken with an iPhone. There is probably a menu setting in the iPhone

that lets you set the photo format to vertical or horizontal. I have set them here so that

they will display right-side up when displayed on Windows or recent Mac computers.

Fixed problems with this in June, 2015

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Shrimp Plate                                            Denise

Bobby                                                     Veronica

Rodney                                                    Regina

Tangela                                                   Debbie & Michael

Grant                                                      Katrina

Cletis                                                      Nicole

Bianca                                                     Crandall

Haleigh                                                    Harriet, Niles, Vanella & Haleigh

Rodney & Family                                       Harriet & Herschel

Kim                                                        Jacob

Debbie                                                    Harriet, Regina, & Vanella

Fats Domino House, 9th Ward

Repaired Wall in 9th Ward

House that painter Degas stayed in

Harriet & Matthew


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Probably can be edited to fix this, but I have no video editing skills right now!!

All MOV format from iPhone, about 3 to 5 megabytes each, 30 to 60 seconds.


Birthday Cake    Dancing     Vanella Singing (briefly)     Reggie on Sax (turn up brightness)