Owen's family photos, mostly of Irene's side. 

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Updated April 7, 2015.


Irene's Relatives, 1946  77K

Mary and Victor, about 1946  84K

Louie around 1939  279K

Louie around 1960  234K

Rose Miller, Mary, Irene 1971

Elly and Judy, 1942

Judy and Elly, 1940

People at Elsie's table, 1942 L-R: Irene Mayer; Eleanor Abrams, daughter of Charlie and Elsie (standing);

Hy & Esther Abrams; Victor and Mary T; their daughter Helen T;

Ruth Abrams, wife of Tom, (Tom not shown);

Merian and Leo Abrams, Fred's parents (Fred* not shown); Charlie Abrams.

Irene, Elsie, Louie, and Helen are siblings.


Another photo of above Almost the same as above, but Elsie is seated and Irene is standing with son Harry,

and Charlie is standing with daughter Judy, and Victor T. is standing on right.


People in David Mayer's apartment including many on Irene's side

Mary, Irene, Owen, and Rose at Bret Harte graduation, June, 1957

Bertha Weiss, Joel Weiss, and Pete Weiss at Harry's Kozminski graduation, June 1953

Weiss' 1950s Ida Weiss, Belle Feldmar, Olga Weiss, Esther Weiss

Mary's sister Regina Feldmar

Regina, 1926

Mary's sister Rose and family

Rose Weiss, John Weiss, Bill Weiss, Ida Weiss, Pete Weiss, Olga Weiss, Esther Weiss in above.

Rose's Children 1918  Bill Weiss also called Willie Weiss

David Glantz and Esther (Weiss) Glantz

Charlie getting shoe shine  from Al

At Talman Ave.

Ws in Hungary, 1921

Mariska's kids

Names of Mariska's kids

Possibly Emma and Mariska, 1908

Emma and Husband, 1925

Al & Irene, 1937 formal photo 

Al & Irene hugging 

Al & Irene at Oak St. Beach 

Irene, Mary, & Al 

Mary & Helen 

Victor and Irene 

Al On Charlie's shoulders 

Al and Victor

Aphrodites, a Humboldt Park Jewish Club, with Irene, and Olga Weiss 

Charlie in his Inner Circle, with Al 

Charlie & Ellie 

Charlie & Ellie #2 

Ellie on Slide 

Ellie, slide, #2 

Group at Fox River Hts.  Includes Dora Mayer

Party family gathering, with Rose and Lois from Alfred's side

Anniversary party for Charlie and Elsie

Elly & Sandy's 25th anniversary, 1979, Pic. 1

Elly & Sandy's 25th anniversary, Pic.2

Elly & Sandy's 25th anniversary, Pic. 3

Elly & Sandy's 25th anniversary, Pic. 4

Elly & Sandy's 25th anniversary, Pic. 5

Ellie in 1960 in Jackson Park


Elsie and Charlie. Most are of Elsie's 50th Birthday in 1958 - New January 2015

Elsie at cake

Charlie and Verne

Helen, Harry, Al, Morris Rosenthal

Morris and Charlie make a wish

Sandy, Verne, Ellie, Elsie, Jerry

Charlie, Johnnie, and Elsie

Mary, Esther, Jerry, Judy, and Elsie

Charlie, Irene, and Eleanor (faces that are visible)

Elsie, This Is Your Life

Elsie with cat food

Jerry, Judy, Elsie, Al, Eleanor, Morrie

?, Johnnie, ?, Mary, Elsie, Charlie

Mary, Esther, Jerry (face blocked), Judy, Elsie, Al

Irene serves Morrie

If you have older versions of the above 15 photos, replace them with these that

have much more dust cleaned from them with PhotoImpact.


Mary and Helen, about mid 1960s

Morris Rosenthal and family, maybe about 1915

Elly, Irene, Elsie, Helen, Sandy, Mary, 1960, new 4-7-2015


*Thanks to Fred Abrams for this information, which I put here 2-1-2012.


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