Some of Harriet's Photo Album, Maternal Side - April 10, 2020

More New photos in Minnie. Pierce and Della, new photo below.

Harriet grew up around 50th and King Drive in Chicago. Previously it was named

South Parkway, and before that it was Grand Boulevard (different from Grand Ave.)

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Maternal Relatives are listed by great grandparents, or great aunt or uncle.

Great Grandparents

Pierce and Della Triplett about 1915 - With Lester, Julius, and Lillian.

Other photos of the above 3 children are below.

Pierce Triplett 

Pierce and Della possibly about 1930. NEW 4-2-2020 Thanks very much to Tony.



Grand Aunt Lester, cousins and Aunt

Top: Harriet, Gen., Eva Lou. Bottom: Dell Donaldson, Aunt Lester, Nimrod Triplett  

Cousin Bud & Great Grand Aunt Sally Thomas

Sally & Nimrod Triplett



Harriet in Kalamazoo                         

Harriet & Mother Dec. 1943                                    

Aunt Eva Lou                                                        

The two-flat & Eva Lou with Harriet                         

Harriet & Mother                                                  


Grandparents and Family                                        

Left photo: Henry I. Right Photo: (Top) Eva, Henry  (Bottom) Harriet V., Sonny (Henry David)

Harriet at Beach                                                 

Harriet & Mom ‘45                                               

Sally Thomas & Eva Triplett I.                                                         


Uncle Sonny

Eva Lou and Harriet 1945

Young grandmother Eva Triplett

Grandmother Eva

Harriet’s Mother

Harriet & Mom ‘44

Harriet, toddler

Owen & Harriet, October 1964

Grandfather, tennis

Young Grandfather

Harriet and Grandmother Eva

Harriet, Age 5

Harriet V., baby

Harriet J., baby

Eva M and Harriet J

Eva M and Harriet V

Eva M and John C

Eva Lou's children, oldest to youngest, Eva Maria, John Jr., Lisa, and Connie (1970)

Top: Harriet, Eva Lou, Eva Maria. Bottom: Connie, Lisa (1970)



Julius Triplett age 15 or 16

Julius Triplett Family

Julius Triplett Family about 1980

Julius Triplett Family 1985

Cozeene Triplett and wife, about 1980

Edna and Julius Jr. about late 1920s

Leona, about late 1920s

Edna and Forte - Can anyone name the others?

Julius Triplett Retires - Thanks to Carolyn L. for this photo.


Rod, Gussie Triplett - Will be adding more in future.

Nimrod and Fort (Bud) Triplett's father was Rod Triplett, the oldest child of Pierce and

Della Triplett. Gussie was their aunt, Rod's sister. Rod married Sarah E. Fort about

1900. She was Nimrod and Bud's mother. Sarah's father was George H. Fort and her

mother was Ida Chapman Fort according to records I found. Some photos need

retouching and will be added later.

Nim & Bud 1978          Little Bud and Nimrod    Rod and Sarah in buggy

Nim, Bud, and great aunt Gussie    Rod and Sarah close up    Young Sarah Fort

Great Aunt Gussie, about 1914.    Sarah Fort    N&B's grandfather George H. Fort

N&B's grandmother Ida Fort with Sarah. This photo will be retouched and updated later

Rod Triplett    Bessie Fort, Sarah's sister    Fort House, probably in Hot Springs, Ark.

House Close Up, probably with Eugene, Sarah's brother, and Ida.    Eugene Fort

Probably Rod Triplett, could be Willie Triplett - New March 6, 2016

Nimrod allowed Owen to copy many of his album photos in the 1970s. I, Owen,

am happy to share these photos and Nimrod's knowledge of his family's history.

We all thank Nimrod posthumously.



Great Aunt Cora Triplett Johnson

Myrtle, Cora's daughter

Daughter Saundra and Myrtle

Tony with lady friend. Corrected 6-30-2016. Thanks, Maria

Tony Johnson on Stairs

Myrtle and Son

Mamie Brown, Adelina, and Others

Cora Jr.

Tony and lady


Joe Johnson in NYC - This and next corrected 6-30-2016. Thankss, Maria

Joe Johnson, standing. Seated person unknown.

Everett Johnson with children David, Ruth, and Cora Jr.

Thanks to Cora's family.


Lillian - 3 new photos 9-2019.

Great Aunt Lillian (Triplett) Lindsey. Thank you, Carolyn

Rita (Mamie) (1.46 mb) Thanks to Pam

Sheila in high chair. New 9-4-2019

Sherwin New 9-8-2019

Reggie New 9-8-2019


Minnie - 3 new photos 4-2-2020 and 8 more 4-10-2020.  Thanks to Tony.

Bill F. and Dell Donaldson

TF1663 - names to come.

Nim Triplett, John, Aunt Lester, Bill, Tony, Dell, ?, Bud Triplett - Tentative names in dark red.

Bill,  Dell, Tony, John

Nimrod with car - Nimrod often traveled to visit many diffeerent family members. New 4-10-2020

Names to follow for the photos below. New 4-10-2020.

TF1665 Dell and friend or relative





TF1671f    This name may be associated with one of these photos.




Willie Triplett

Probably Willie


Channer (Doc)

Channer Triplett


Unknown - We invite your help in identifying these.

What happened to the missing numbers below? They've been identified.

Unk4 - Myrtle thought this is her.

UnknMami - See caption in photo.

Unknwn9    Unknwn11    Unknwn13    Unknwn14    Unknwn16    Unknwn18    Unknwn21

Unknwn22    Unknwn24    Unknwn26    Unknwn28    Unknwn29    Unknwn33

Braid1    Braid2  

Cora or Adelina?

Martinez - Mike and son. Need relationship.


I hope to add more photos and organize most of them by great aunt and uncle.

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