Jack’s Old Photos. 

Painting of his father Jimmie  81K

Jack, mother Mazie, and Sister Lola  149K

Jack and Harriet Sr.  187K

Jimmie and Eugene F.  208K Contact Owen for new information on Jimmie's ancestors.

They built Eugene's summer home in Idlewild, Michigan. The Fords were Jack's godparents.

Lola and Husband  believed to be Jesse Johnson from Columbia S.C. 184K

Lola  204K

Harriet & Father Dec. 1943

Jack and Wife since 1950s

Jack & Harriet's 6 siblings

Mie & Harriet, Atlantic City, 1994

Irene, Mie, Harriet, Jack, Atlantic City, 1994

Jack & Family at Estellina's, 1971

Jack & Family at Harriet's, 1979

*Walter Mischeaux, father of Mazie, Jack's Mother

Irene, Glen, Harriet, Genevieve, and Jackie in NJ across from NYC - New 12-25-2015

Irene, Harriet, Genevieve, and Jackie congratulating Gen. on NYU graduation new - 12-2015

Mie, Jack, and their West Highland Terrier - New 12-25-2015


*Also spelled Missheaux, Mishow, and Mishaw on some records.  

Thanks to Jack's family for some of the photos.


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