Photos of December 2005 Events


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Harry and Lois in Skokie -Harry is in blue-gray sweater and Lois is in black next to him.


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Irene’s 90th Birthday Party - Some have Carol (dark crosshatch) and Lois

(lighter crosshatch) who went to Koz and Hyde Park. Some have

Gary (blue shirt), who went to South Shore.


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Frame 11


Hanukkah at Judy’s

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                     Frame 26

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                           Frame 28c


Squirt, one of our two cats. She got Miconazole spray once a day,

but what helped was Lanacane. She also got a shot of a mite control drug.

Frame 30

Frame 31

Frame 33

Frame 35

Squirt, July 2006. We moved nearly all the house plants outside in May, and found that it was the problem.

In the winter of 2006-7 the plants were confined in one room and Squirt's skin problem did not return.


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