Cheaha State Park, Alabama

Located on a ridge in the Talladega Mountains, it's really beautiful and scenic. These

mountains are part of the southern end of the Appalachians. It is a few hours northwest

of FDR State Park in Georgia. Photos over 164Kb are marked. Use Back button after

viewing each photo. July 2008.


Viewing Tower 182Kb                                            City lights, west, possibly Talladega

View north from tower                                           Bald Rock marker 191Kb

Panorama from tower 422Kb                                   View #1, Bald Rock area

Beautiful restaurant has view. 253Kb                       View #2

Veranda of restaurant                                            View #3

Veranda view #2                                                   View #4, 183Kb

Veranda view #3                                                   Walkway to Bald Rock is handicapped-

Veranda view #4, lake visible                                    accessible, & about 0.6 mile long.

People enjoying view from veranda                          Looking back at Cheaha State Park.

Sunset sequence #1                                              Possibly same transmitter tower that is

#2 Sun disappearing in haze                                   in tower panorama photo is in distance

#3 City lights possibly south edge of Anniston          here.

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