Bird Photos


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Slate Junco and Tree Sparrows (all North American Tree Sparrows)

Tree Sparrows

Tree Sparrows no. 2

House Sparrow, male

Slate Junco

Tree Sparrow, no. 3 Upper mandible is darker than lower part of beak.

Female Cardinal

Mourning Dove and Female Cardinal


Mourning Dove


Steller's Jay  This Western cousin of the blue jay is found in mountainous areas.

Clark's Nutcracker Found in American and Canadian Rockies near timberline in summer.

Male Cardinal and Male House Finch

Female Cardinal and Male and Female House Finches

Female Cardinal, Female House Finch, and Goldfinch

Sandhill Cranes new 9-8-2019

Sandhill Crane spreading wings

Sandhill Crane


The cranes visited our back yard in June, 2019, and I reported them to crane conservation groups.


These were taken with the aid of telephoto lenses. You may use my photos if you leave my name in the ones that have it. You may use any photos here.


Many of the file names end in s or "z" which is the web version of my picture files. They are smaller than the original full size photo on my computer.


Birds are very difficult to photograph because of the high magnifications and high shutter speeds needed. Professionals often overcome this by having the birds become accustomed to a camera and flash unit, possibly camouflaged, at close range over many days. The photos are then taken with remote trigger equipment.


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