Repeated iTunes Login Messages on Your iPhone


This February, 2017, the browser in Harriet's old iPhone 4S could no longer open

a website that had increased its security. I backed the phone up in iTunes, in my Mac,

which backs it up locally to the hard drive. Then she got a new iPhone 7

and I inherited the old iPhone and took my old flip phone out of service.


iTunes in the Mac allows you to restore the old phone to itself or to a new phone, so I ran

a restore to the new phone and she got all her contacts and photos on it.  However,

apparently apps on the old phone are not transferred to a newer phone which has newer

versions of the same apps.


Then pop up messages kept appearing on the new phone frequently. They asked

her to log in to iTunes either on her user name or our daughter's. I could not find

a workable solution either on the web or in my iPhone or Mac paperback books.


Thanks to help from the Apple Store, the solution was quick. Our technician deleted

apps which came from the old phone and were not part of the new phone's original

lineup.  Our daughter had used her own iTunes account a while back to put a couple of apps

on the old phone. This created a conflict of logins for iTunes on it. And these new apps

were associated with her login. The apps can be brought in again to the new phone from

Apple with Harriet's login, without creating a new conflict.


It has not been necessary to remove the extra apps from the old phone thus far. I have not

tried to use them yet, and I am not getting log in messages.


We were advised to use only one different iTunes login for each Apple portable device. For

non-portable devices there is a household sharing arrangement under a single network

where up to 5 devices may share iTunes downloads (desktop computers). Under this

you may use a single login name and password where different users will not create

additional separate accounts.


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