Owen and Harriet's Original Web Page March 2002

[Pen pal photo from about 1960s added 6-13-2016.]

We thought we'd give you an idea of what we do with our limited spare time. Well, the truth is, we need to retire to do all the things we like to do!

[So we did in 2004.]

We love to travel. We've driven a lot around the Great Lakes and Upper Michigan. Also we've done some motoring out west to the major national parks, to Florida, and east to New York and New Jersey. We haven't been in the Northwest yet, (north of Bend, Oregon). [See Seattle and Mt. Rainier at bottom of new main page.] We have done some moderate hiking, the longest hike being about 6 miles.

Harriet has been to Spain numerous times to visit our daughter and Owen has been once. Our daughter, who is fluent in Spanish, organized our tours around Madrid and Granada. Harriet has been to San Sebastian, Cintruenigo, Alicante, Segovia, and (in Portugal) Lisbon with her.

In July, 1996 we visited England with Owen's mother and walked about central London a few days. A friend had rented a car there before, so Owen got up the courage and took on the left side driving and the roundabouts. We found our way out of London northbound, and at a petrol station they told us how to use a roundabout to get on M-1 to continue north. We visited Harriet's pen pal in the Nottingham area for two days, and they and we wished we could stay longer. Got more driving advice from them and went to the Lake District near Scotland. Owen climbed the Old Man of Coniston, a 2600 foot mountain with a great view at the top. The Isle of Man was visible in the distance westward. We stayed at the Quarry Garth, a quaint small hotel in the area. To finish the trip, we went south to see ancient stone monuments at Avebury and Stonehenge.

[Not in this original page were photos of the England trip but I am now adding some. See new Main Page. Here are Alan Eaves, Owen, Harriet, and Irene. We are all saddened by Alan's passing due to a small aircraft accident in 2014. Use the browser back button to return here.]

Owen likes to work with the computers in the house, photography, electronics, and reading. This is our first web page and we hope to add some photos in the future. We have thousands of slides and prints from over the years.

Harriet enjoys eating out, shopping, and even working and doesn't believe in retiring completely. She stayed many hours after school let out in Elgin to make sure her room was perfect and her lessons prepared.

We give to numerous humanitarian and environmental causes. We hope for a world where people can respect one another as human beings, overcoming the limitations of culture and religion.

We enjoy hearing from people on e-mail, so don't hesitate to write. This first web page was created March 23, 2002.

NEWS March 2002 to 2004

In June, 2002 we attended a cousin's wedding just north of Mt. Washington, N.H. It's a very beautiful area. Our daughter came with us for the New Hampshire trip. The cousin had a great party outside. Owen took the antique steam cog train up Mt. Washington for a view. This mountain is the highest one in the [north]eastern U.S. at about 6,280 feet.  It was a calm day and about 60 degrees and sunny at the top. The visibility was not quite good enough to see the Atlantic Ocean, about 70 miles from there.

Relatives of a great aunt of Harriet's had family reunions in Jackson, Mississippi in 2002 and 2004. There were parties and some bowling. Due to some thunderstorm activity, it was not as hot in Jackson as it was in Chicago, in 2002, which had a drought that summer. Owen would like to stop and see Graceland the next time we go by Memphis.

We drove to both areas, neither of which we had seen before. The Adirondacks were quite scenic, as were some mountains in Vermont. We did not see a lot of public rest areas in the East. Mississippi had them outdone, at least on I-55. Also, Michigan and Wisconsin are better in that regard too.

In December, 2003, we were in El Paso, Texas for Harriet's dad's funeral. He was given a military style burial at Fort Bliss. We did not expect that. He was a veteran of WWII and Korea.  Harriet's half  brothers and sisters were there. Harriet's stepmother will be living with one of the sisters, as also her father did.

El Paso is quite scenic, with a narrow mountain range nearly dividing the town in two except the downtown area near the Rio Grande. Harriet's relatives cautioned me to watch the freeway exits carefully. It is easy to drive into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and it could take 3 hours to get back across.

They have a beautiful house on the north edge of town, to the east of the mountain. The weather is nice at that time of the year, 50 to 70 degrees days and about 30 nights. There was a dust storm before we got there. It is a desert area which to me resembles other western towns I have seen before, such as Grand Junction, Colorado or St. George, Utah, but it is larger.

In June, 2004, Harriet retired from the Elgin area school district, and in July, Owen retired from UPS. Harriet will continue teaching elementary school as a substitute, and Owen will straighten up and repair things around the house before working again part-time.